Life skills and banding

Life Skills are targeted differently in South Africa and Norway in the banding environment and in schools. In South Africa, within the Field Band Foundation, the purpose of life skills is to holistically develop a child in a band and empower them with information to make responsible decisions in life. In Norway life skills are taught in schools and there are no specific life skills sessions in the bands. The social skills that children learn in the band are more like a practice of what they teach them at schools. The PULSE Team in Norway is currently working with an activity library to help school bands with different activities and energizers that can be used in their bands, this activity can also contribute in teaching life skills, crowed control, team building and help the children to make new friends.bgp w

The most important things you learn or benefit from being part of the band are Music & Self-believe. Being In a band you get to learn how to play an instrument and read music with others whiles you in that process you Make friends across age and gender, become better acquainted with people your age group in your neighborhood or community and Learn to cooperate with and be considerate of others.


You are taught by an instructor in how to play your instrument and master it or get better in your playing in that way you get to feel the sense of belonging because in a band every member is important, and you all given challenges that are suitable for your level. you learn to be discipline, we learn to experience a feeling of working in a group with different people with similar interests and share ideas with other people you get a feeling of mastering.

You get a good experience and a meaningful activity to attend in your spare time, take an active part in enjoyable concerts, weekend seminars and band trips.

Written by Martin Sibiya

Photos by Martin Sibiya & Dennis Tlou

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