Tutor Workshop

PULSE had the pleasure of working with 21 aspiring tutors during this week’s Tutor Workshop!
This workshop was the first of four tutor workshops PULSE and Education will arrange this year, and the main focus is to upskill and train new tutors and/or tutors who have not been through the Field Band Academy. The content covered was inspired by Field Band Academy subjects which gives the tutors a solid foundation to teach their members, and also to reflect on their own self-development. The content will vary a little from workshop to workshop, however it will always be a good balance between music, dance, health and professional development.
This group was absolutely amazing! Constantly wanting to learn more and taking responsibility for their own learning made this into a really fun teaching experience for PULSE. Not knowing each other at the beginning of the week, they managed to create a safe and healthy environment where there was room for questions, improvement and  expansion of their comfort-zone. These workshops are not only about theoretical knowledge, they are about gaining social skills, helping each other and showing team work through different activities. PULSE want to thank everyone for their focus, great personalities and for the fun times we had!
Watch some of our activities here :
PULSE can’t wait for the next workshop!
In the meantime, PULSE will be busy planning and facilitating the Social Officer workshop which takes place next week, and ABRSM music theory workshop the following week. Busy times, but fun!!
Written by: Madeleine
Photos & Videos by: Lise, Jakob & Madeleine
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