Norwegian Constitutional day

The 17th of May was established as a National Day in 1814 as the Constitution of Norway was signed in Eidsvoll, declaring Norway as an independent nation. PULSE was really honoured to be part of such beautiful celebration once again with 2018/19 participants in Norway we had our different experiences on this special day both in Oslo and in Bergen. In Bergen Martin was in a parade with the band that he works with weekly, Varden Skole musikkorps and Bongani did the same with the band that he works with Hellen skole Musikkorps. In Oslo it was the same with Chief and Tshepang Parading with Furuset Skole Musikkorps. Penny and Katlego are the Two Toneheim Students from the Field Band Foundation, had a chance to be part of this day and partake in a parade as they last activity before they head home.                                                   Bongani 1Here are some of the personal experiences from the PULSE Team:

Tshepang (2)Tshepang: My personal experience was before the 17th on our dress rehearsal at Furuset when the school Band marched to the Complex and the band played for the Elderly people outside their homes. Music is healing, it’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we all can reflect on no matter which culture you are from; everyone loves music and it brings people together and one will feel the sense of belonging and inclusion. That’s what really touched me! Seeing the joy in their faces and some dancing and waving their flags was the best. In addition, being part of the parade was a great experience! Seeing all those kids parading and passing by the Royal palace, the cheering from people on the side of the streets was phenomenal.                                       Bongani 2 (2).jpg          Bongani: This was a special day for me, it reminded me of my roots and who I am.  To see families coming out in numbers, wearing their traditional attire, marching bands in their uniforms, playing music and parading in the streets of Norway, people waving the national flag on the side of the road. This showed love, togetherness and the pride that they have for their beloved country. It also reminded me of our Freedom Day and Heritage Day combined in one, where everyone celebrates who they are. This was indeed a great honour and privilege to be part of this special celebration, especially wearing the band uniform, marching and playing music with Hellen Skole Korps. It reminded me of my early days when I was a member/student, marching in the streets of Soweto with pride and determination, showing off to my friends who had not yet joined the band. This was my way to show them that banding is the cool, and a positive way to life. Not everyone gets an opportunity like this, to be part of such a celebration. To me it was a lifetime experience and an experience that I have been waiting for years.                             MartinMartin: What made 17th of May special for me was the anticipation from everyone who have experienced this day before us, they asked questions like ‘what are you going to be doing on the constitutional day?’. It made me realise how special the day was. When the day came, I decided to put a twist on what I was wearing. I had my Zulu piece on my head called “Umqhele” and Norwegians medals. This was the way to celebrate who I am at the same time acknowledging where I am and how fortunate I was to be part of this beautiful celebration. Being in a street Parade with Varden Skole Musikkorps was just a cherry on top. Everyone had a smile on their faces, singing and dancing. this is indeed the day I will never forget in my life. Takk så mye Norge

Written by: Martin, Tshepang and Bongani
Pictures by: Martin, Tshepang, Bongani and Hellen Skole Musikkorps Page
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