Tutor Workshop 2

PULSE has been vary busy with a lot of fun workshops lately! Last week, PULSE did the second round of the Tutor Workshop and everyone had a blast. In addition to the standard content, the tutors were in charge of arranging a social evening where they had prepared games, a play (with live sound effects!) and a house concert. The energy was on top the entire week and the community that has been created at this workshop is absolutely beautiful. When reflecting and evaluating the workshop at the end of the week, there were two words that kept repeating itself; teamwork and family.

PULSE would like to thank all the participants for the hard work, fun times and dedication and we are already excited for round three in August!

Please check out our vlog with some highlights from the week.



This week, PULSE enjoyed another band visit round- this time visiting Hammanskraal and Witbank and next week will be filled with ABRSM music theory workshop so stayed tuned!

Written by: Madeleine

Videos/pictures by: Madeleine, Tove

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