Korps Klubb (Music class)

These are sessions that happens in second grade with the seven-year-old learners during school hours. Where they normally have music session or period in their schedule. This project happens just for four weeks with PULSE involved. This is a form of recruitment for the school band.  The PULSE team would basically meet with the school conductor first before starting with rehearsals just to get an overview of how, when and what is expected from the team.


Then PULSE team joins the sessions having the allocated times and days on when to. The most important elements the team focuses on when running the sessions are “to make sure that kids feel safe throughout the sessions, they get feeling of achievement, feeling of mastering and most of all they feel a sense of belonging”. All this will happen by the team doing activities with them, teaching them some south African songs and music there are non-musician instruments that are being used as well. Instruments like Boom whackers and P-Buzzes and dancing whilst singing. A show will be produced out of all this and be showcased to the parents on the last day of the project.


The goal for this project as explained on the latter is to get more members joining in the band after this project. And this had resulted a positive result for the band in the previous years.

Written by: Tshepang Moyo

Pictures by: NMF Web

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