National Music & Movement Workshop

It is finally happening!


PULSE and Education is currently hosting the national Music and Movement workshop, everyone is working hard and having a great time. Even though the days are long, the energy is on top throughout the days and there is some wonderful creativity and musicianship going on.


For this workshop, PULSE and Education has invited one Band Coordinator/Senior Tutor and one dance tutor from each band and our focus for this workshop is to improve the music and dance skills. Each day consists of classes such as music theory, dance techniques, arranging, choreography, ensemble, sectionals and full band. In addition to the standard PULSE and Education facilitators, the participants have had the pleasure of working with four external facilitators as well. They are bringing in their amazing expertise in classes like dance, sectionals, full band and ensemble.


There are still a few more days to go, and the whole workshop will end with an In-House Concert on Monday 24th. Here, the participants will be able to showcase everything they have learned throughout the week and we can’t wait!
In addition to the standard classes, the facilitators will arrange a spectacular Talent Show where the participants can show off their talents, so stay tuned for more updates and pictures from this workshop!
Written by: Madeleine
Pictures by: Madeleine & Lise
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