The Independent Living Festival

The independent Living festival’ is Norway’s largest celebration of the fight for justice, equality and freedom for the disable. The PULSE team in Norway was formally invited to lead the parade and perform as guest artists during the celebration.It is a big achievement for our project to be involved in celebrating achievements for people who leaving with disabilities. As a music and health project this is one of the relationships and projects we wish to keep forever. One of our goals is to empower people living with disabilities, to make them feel proud, strong, equal and to be visible citizens in their countriesuloba 1

In a little space of time that our team has spent with Uloba and other projects in the celebration, our PULSE team feel so inspired by seeing how they manage to raise disability awareness to the Public. To educate and give information to the public about disability awareness is one of our biggest goals in the PULSE curriculum. As it is almost the end of our 2018/2019 exchange program for team in Norway and South Africa we hope this information will be implemented in our bands and communities to better the environments about disability awareness.uloba pic

It was so impressive to see one of the politicians taking part in the parade singing and dancing along with PULSE team, Trine Skei Grande who is a minister of Culture and Equality in Norway and. We have really enjoy playing  South African music and dancing, the parade was long but due to the mood it felt so short. If the was any chance for us to do this we were definitely going to do it.

Written by Chief Zwane

Photos by Tshepang Moyo



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