Music and Movement Workshop Vlog



Even though the exchange time is coming to an end soon, PULSE is busier than ever!

The Music and Movement Workshop ended last Monday with an excellent and professional In-House Concert where groups from the different sessions performed what they had learned throughout the week. The workshop lasted for 7 days without any days off, so seeing the dedication and high energy from every participant was truly inspiring. For PULSE, this workshop was a big highlight of the exchange in South Africa.
During the workshop, despite working hard throughout the days, PULSE and FBE arranged a big talent show; Field Band X Factor! After seeing the different numbers performed, PULSE can safely say that Field Band is driven by extremely talented staff! PULSE got to witness everything from different musical numbers to dance and poetry. Well done!
Writing about this workshop does not justify being there and experiencing it. Therefore, please enjoy a video from the week!
Written by: Madeleine
Videos by: Madeleine & Lise
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