Dirigentuka (The Conductors week)

The conductor’s week known as the Dirigentuka in Norwegian, is one of the largest and most popular conducting courses in Norway.  The course host over 100 participants and a teaching staff of 15 -20 acclaimed conductors and educators and Its available for international participants.  The course is aimed at a broad spectrum of conductors in both brass band and wind band conductors. The participants selection from beginners, intermediate to experienced professionals. The conductor’s week is a collaboration between the Norwegian Band Federation and the University of Stavanger’s Department of music and dance.


The Pulse Team have been invited to attend and take part in this reputable course in Stavanger   and will be attending all sessions during the course from the 05 until 09 August 2019.  During that week, they will also have a seminar with the conductors where they will talk about Pulse activities, music and activity library.


The team is currently preparing themselves with music to practice the conducting and have attended a three days training program in Oslo, facilitated by Jon Frode Berg who is a former Bands Crossing Boarders 2005 and 2006 participant. He is a percussion player and has a background both as a professional musician and as a conductor. He has also participated in Dirigentuka. The aim of the three-day training program is to focus on reading and understanding the score and conducting techniques. This course will be helpful to the team as it is an opportunity that will help upskill ourselves, when it comes to conducting and some of the knowledge will be helpful to use and share with Field Band Foundation in South Africa.

Written by: Bongani Goliath

Pictures: NMF Page & Eva

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