Hello from PULSE 7!

Hello all!

We are very happy to present to you the new PULSE North Participant team!
PULSE 7 has now been in Johannesburg for about a month which has been a very exciting time. The month has been spent with transfer of knowledge sessions between PULSE 6 and PULSE 7, in addition to experiencing Educational Band Visits to Alexandra, Soweto, Musina and Blouberg.
The team is now ready to take over the great work done by PULSE 6 and everyone is ready for new adventures and experiences here in South Africa!
Here is an introduction of the new team:
PULSE 7.jpeg
From left: Klara, Maja, Annika, Madeleine, Lisa, Anja


Experience: Trumpet Performer and Music Educator
“What I am most excited about with PULSE is to meet new people, watch and learn from others in addition to using my knowledge to develop the PULSE project a step further.”
Fun Fact: Loves extreme sports and adrenalin!


Experience: Music Lecturer with Percussion as main instrument
“I am excited to experience new people and different cultures!”
Fun Fact: Youtube Queen!


Experience: Social Worker, focusing on youth living with physical and mental disabilities.
Piano Player
“I am excited to get to know Field Band Foundation better, and work with the relation between music and health. I also look forward to meet new people and experience South Africa! “
Fun Fact: Loves cats, stockfish and the northern lights!


Experience: Music Educator with Clarinet as main instrument
“I am excited to get to know a different culture, and to learn a lot from it. It will also be great to meet new people and to work for an organization that contributes to the wellbeing of youth in South Africa.
Fun Fact: Spent every summer sailing from early age up until 22 years old. Loves being out on the sea!!


Experience: Composer for Film and Multimedia and Clarinetist
“Since I am a returning PULSE participant, I am very excited to be able to follow up the work that we started last year and continue the journey. It has been great to meet so many amazing people here in Field Band Foundation and I am looking forward to get to know more! “
Fun Fact: Black belt in Tae Kwon-Do (I promise you its true…)


Experience: Conductor and Flute player

Fun Fact: Loves Dancing and Bikram Yoga

The next weeks will be very busy and fun for PULSE as there will be Educational Band Visits happening in Stellenbosch, Plettenberg Bay, Viljoenskroon, Sterkstroom and Kuruman! PULSE can’t wait to travel and see more of South Africa.
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