Greetings from PULSE South Participants.

Last week Friday, you met the  new North participants. This week you are introduced to the new South participants. We have been in Norway for a month currently and we are enjoying our stay so far.

Upon our arrival we collaborated with the PULSE South participants team which was preparing to head back home to South Africa. Together we had a successful performance at Tusenfryd in Oslo. We are looking forward to a wonderful, fun filled year and many information sharing sessions.

New PULSE South participants


From left: Jacob Jabu Mhlapeng, Khayalethu Sibusiso Benela, Tebogo Franqo Ntshole and Nomkhosi Theodora Mnisi.

           New PULSE South participants profile

              Jacob J MhlapengIMG_5865

Skills: Euphonium player, music tutor, Facilitator, Event safety managing, Planning and organizing.

Experience: Organizing events, performing with street theater cast named Giant Match. Joined the Field Band Foundation in 1997. Participated in an exchange called Band Crossing Borders in 2006/2007. Currently a programs officer for Field Band Foundation.

Fun fact: likes playing Play Station gaming console and travelling.

“I am passionate about information sharing, learning new life hacks and tricks. I like leaving a footprint wherever I go and a legacy for the upcoming generation.”


Khayalethu S Benela  IMG_5835

Skills: Trumpet player, Arranging, Tutoring, composer

Experience: Playing with South African Orchestra, Managing and coordinating Blouberg Field Band foundation and a programs officer at the City of Johannesburg Field Band Foundation.

Fun fact: Can play 2 trumpets at the same time in tune.

“I am a passionate trumpeter who likes taking action rather than talking”


Franqo T Ntshole IMG_5880

Skills: Trumpet player, composer , arranger and brass tutor

Experience: Music performance with different brass bands, jazz bands and South African National Youth Junior Orchestra. I’ve been with the Field Band Foundation as a member for 15 years and a brass tutor for 2 years.

Fun Facts: ADRENALIN JUNKY! Loves extreme sports especially sky diving but never tried it.

“I want others to be  inspired by me”


Nomkhosi T Mnisi IMG_5844

Skills: Steel drum player, arranging and facilitating.

Experience:  Joined the Field Band Foundation in 2000. Facilitator at Field Academy, administrator at Field Band Education, Steel drum and Marimba tutor.

Fun fact: Can’t sing to save her life

“I am a critical thinker, problem solver who likes working with kids and making a difference”



On the 07/10/2019 to 09/10/2019  we will be at Skein doing a seminar helping to start a band in an adult learning center.


Pictures: Monica Johansen.

Written: Jacob Mhlapeng

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