Project Skien

From 07/10/2019 to 09/10/2019 we had a  seminar at Skien where we were teaching at an adult learning center called Voksenoppæringa. This project aims at starting a band for immigrants living in Norway and it acts as a tool that can be used for integrating into the communities that they are living in. It is also a tool to learn about Norwegian culture through the banding system. This project also aims at integrating its participants to local bands in Skien and to make sure that the members are continually engaged in musical activities.

We had participants from Arab countries and African countries from the ages of 18 to 60 years of age. We also had different children coming in every day as participants, whereby they will have different sessions in different instruments.


Jacob Mhlapeng teaching Ziyawa dance during the practice sessions


Franqo conducting the band in one of the practice sessions.


With this seminar, we were also preparing for the concert which is to be held on 06/10/2019 at Skien culture house. we are looking forward to this concert as it will showcase the strength of working together and proving that music matters despite where you come from in the world and together we are stronger.


skien 10

Jacob, Khaya, Nomkhosi Odd-Erik and Franqo on drums warming up before a presentation.

skien 9

The joy of playing Djembe and P-buzz

skien 5

Band members clapping hands and playing boom-whackers.


Sørum Skole

For two weeks now, the Oslo team has been busy with a new project at Sørum Skole. The project aims at starting a drum line for the school and currently, this project uses Djembes as its main instrument.


Khaya singing and dancing for the children during a practice session


Khaya showing the kids some music on the board and the lyrics to the song.



Khaya conducting the kids

Team Oslo has also been tasked to start a Sørum Skole Field Band Foundation whereby members will be taught how to play Marimba, marching percussion, singing, dancing, and marching techniques we hope brass instruments will be added soon.


written by: Jacob J Mhlapeng

Pictures by: Birgitte Grong and Nomkhosi Mnisi



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