Could this be “THE GAME CHANGER” for the Voksnepplæring musicians?

It is not very often where you get to witness a beginner musician play their first concert in front of over a thousand audience and still be able to entertain without fear like a pro! It took the Pulse team two workshops to build this type of confidence in this group, in preparation for the Mix forestilling concert in Skien and the team was so happy to see them climb out of their shells and go crazy on stage. This is what freedom means to us.

DSC_4491liten 1

The band conducted by Franqo


Franqo is showing them how to move during the drum break

This was indeed a very successful project which could potentially be the corner-stone of social integration and inclusion in the Skien community. Also, many people from Skien including community leaders have become very optimistic about collaborations of this nature and they fully support the possibility of initiating more projects like this one going forward. The Pulse team is very grateful to the Skien Kulturskolen for giving us the opportunity to be part of this game changing event.











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