E-learning for Social Officers in Field Band Foundation!

The last week of February, PULSE and Field Band Education had a workshop for all the Social Officers in Field Band Foundation. The Social Officers work for the members health and safety, and is also engaging stakeholders and clinics in their community.

During the workshop it was handed out tablets for all the Social Officers, for them to begin the E-learning journey. First up is to complete a course in Disability Awareness. The course created engagement within the participants, and feedback from them said it was inspiring to increase knowledge in a new way.
Within 8 weeks, the course should be completed, and throughout the participants will get follow-up from the PULSE team.

The purpose of having an E-learning platform is:

  • To provide more knowledge about FBF content
  • To provide stronger digital skills
  • To create sustainability that goes beyond the Educational Band Visits and other workshops and training events
  • To create accessibility of FBF content

The E-learning project is funded by Norwegian Grant and Ponahalo.


New tablets received, and E-learning journey has begun!


All Social Workers in Field Band Foundation gathered for workshop.

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