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The FeriePULSE has been a successful project that has been growing and getting popular in Oslo and in Bergen. This year has been amazing and wonderful, the numbers tell it all. The total number of participants was 143. This has shown how the program has grown. A major highlight we have seen from the participants that came to the FeriePULSE without the banding background has now joined the banding system. This highlights the importance of including everyone in the project with and without banding background.

IMG_2305 – KopiDSC02798

Photos by Monika Heggen

FeriePULSE is open for both participants from local school bands as well as participants that don’t have any music background. We facilitate different levels and want to give everyone a feeling of achievement. There are staff members at FeriePULSE that focus on the well-being of the participants, and that everyone feels welcome and included. For us, every participant is equally important and plays a major role in this musical activities. In this matter, Alle-Spiller music has been a valuable contribution, as it is specially designed to cater for all levels.

What is Alle-Spiller Music?

”In 2019-2020, The work began on arranging music for the project “Aller-spiller” when NMF received support from the Norwegian Music Council for the initiative. Hanna Stenstøen Nilsson, Erlend Solemsli and Khayalethu S. Benela were placed as youth trainees in the project. They got together with Odd-Erik Nordberg who has a lot of experience and knowledge to share in the area. The project resulted in seven songs for the band. The starting point for repertoire selection was already obtained song material from a previous project in NMF. At that time, songs were collected from countries that are strongly represented among immigrants in Norway.

The songs are arranged so that everyone has parts to play. Aller spiller music is intended to function as a bridge between those who have little or no experience from a band and those with experience from playing in a band. The alle-spiller parts should be taught by ear. The parts can be written for the voice, body percussion, drums, P-buzz, Boom Whacker and/or choral instruments. Not all parts need to be present for the arrangement to be played.

NMF wants to continue to fill the Alle-spiller project with several works and arrangements for the bands. The Alle-spiller project is used as a repertoire for NMF’s Weekend and Holiday PULSE. (Publisher 05/03/2020 – Updated 10/03/2020 Author: Birgitte Grong)

All songs that were arranged for the project are now available to anyone who wants to use them.

Please follow the link to download


Aller-spiller team with participants from the Oslo winter PULSE

The process of developing Alle-spiller arrangements.

“The youth participants have really worked hard and have contributed to creative and innovative ideas. One of the best things is that the Alle-Spiller «set up» caters for different entry levels and hopefully gives a challenge for all students involved. It gives me great pleasure to have seen students from 6 years old to 15 sharing a stage and show such joy and passion in their playing and dancing” (Odd-Erik Nordberg 2020)

This is what one of the participants from the alle-spiller project and our very own PULSE participant Khayalethu Benela had to say about he’s experienced being in the project.

We had several workshops with Odd-Erik Nordberg who was the leader that was overseeing the whole project regarding giving us tools and ideas on what to think when writing music for alle-spiller. We were given a huge opportunity to use as many ideas and creativity as we can to make the project a success. 

What I personally learned on the Aller-spiller project was that it is highly important to make music simple and fun, and to make sure that you include everyone that is part of the band despite any instrument, voice, dancer or non-musical people. During the process of the Alle-spiller workshops, I was able to use my own ideas in challenging myself writing and include – playing, singing, p-buzz, boom wreckers and dancing while singing and the arrangement was a success.


Khayalethu Benela. Photo by Monica Johansen

 Written: Nomkhosi Mnisi and Jacob Mhlapeng



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