Throwing back and looking forward!

Greetings from Norway!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the end of PULSE 7s year is soon coming to an end. Being in lockdown and under restrictions has been challenging us to be creative and think outside the box. A lot of plans were cancelled, some of them postponed, whilst new ideas came up together with a good spirit and believing that “Yes, we can!”. 

With this round coming to an end, PULSE wants to throw back to some of the moments in Field Band Foundation that we will never forget. Meeting young Field Band members, getting to know a dedicated and passionate staff, and experiencing the valuable relation between music and health has been enriching and the gratitude is big from our side. 

Throwing back leads us to looking forward. Forward to a new phase with new projects, plans, ideas and challenges that will make us grow. PULSE want to thank all our dear colleagues is Field Band Foundation and Norges Musikkorps Forbund for the opportunity and the valuable experience that we will bring with us going forward.

Annika, Maja, Solvor and Madeleine together with GIRA.


PULSE and Field Band Education on Educational Band Visits

Memories from National Championship 2020

Written by: Lisa Fosse
Photos by: PULSE

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