Greetings from Oslo!

Hello from Oslo! 

As the South Participants are in the office in Johannesburg, we are working from our home offices here in Oslo. 

The days are surely much different than what they used to, but we are all still adjusting to the new normal and our new tasks. We are also happy that our team of 2 has been expanded a little by having Ingrid, a former PULSE participant, on our team once a week. 

Because of the current situation, our tasks have also been adjusted to fit this work situation. Right now we are focusing on four, big tasks where we have managed to create work groups consisting of both FBF and NMF staff. This is the first time we are trying such collaboration, and it is a very interesting way of working. Everyone have such different experiences and knowledge and the collaborations bring much value to the project. 

Our different tasks consist of: 

  1. Project Description 

Where we are focusing on creating an overview for PULSE participants with everything from HR questions to what to expect before, during and after the exchange.

  1. M&E Tools for PULSE

Where we are looking into strengthening our monitoring and evaluation systems both on the PULSE North and South side.

  1. 20th Anniversary Alumni Survey

With the 20th Anniversary of collaboration, there is an Alumni Survey being developed

  1. 20th Anniversary 

2021 will be our anniversary year, which will be celebrated and marked both in Norway and South Africa. 

We are very excited to see where this collaboration will take us.

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