Field Band Foundation Social officer workshop

It is mid-March and the PULSE team is hard at work with the SO workshop and creating new exciting content for the 20th anniversary! 

Jacob Mhlapeng leading the ice breaker.

This week some of the PULSE team are hosting a SO workshop, which is great news. In these trying times, being capable of hosting an event in person and not through a screen is refreshing. Our team has gone to great lengths to make this workshop safe, educational and fun for everyone involved. Providing safety for the participants is one of our highest priorities besides delivering thoughtful high quality content in the workshop. South Africa is currently in-between waves, which means that since the workshop is Covid-compliant, it is allowed to be hosted in person and not digitally. Had it been held in Norway, it would have been fully digital, as the situation there is wave 3, causing most regions to be at red threat levels. PULSE is happy to report that the workshop is both safe and going splendidly for both the participants and hosts.

PULSE video: Social Officers going in side the Sanitizing booth during the workshop.

Letitia and Busisiwe during a life skills planning session

Besides the workshop that is ongoing, the team is actively engaged in creating content for the upcoming anniversary. The new symbol and slogan for 2021 is already in place, so is the kickoff video that was created to highlight the years and years of collaboration and cooperation, which PULSE is proud to be a part of.
Difficulties present themselves in many forms, some that force the team to think outside of the box or perhaps figure out new ways of working together.
Load shedding is a constant disruption to the workflow, as is the distance between the team members, with collaboration being done across many kilometers and borders. For those unfamiliar with the term, load shedding is a planned power outage in a specific area. Is it not remarkable to think that the PULSE team is divided by over 10 000 kilometers at the most, from Senja in northern Norway to Johannesburg.

Distance from Senja in Norway to Johannesburg South Africa

Sofia and Nicholas, PULSEs newest members, have now been a part of the team for a good six weeks, in this time they have been getting to know the rest of the PULSE team and have eagerly taken on work tasks of their own. It will be exciting to see what this year has in store for them. Both of them are working on content that will be a part of the anniversary celebrations. New music is in the works, which is great news. The YouTube channel is undergoing some work and will be made available again soon, with loads of content to be enjoyed, from music and Gira, to games and activities. The Activity Library, which some might be familiar with, will be made available for everyone on the YouTube channel. It features organized playlists that is easily navigated to find the content of choice, be it Covid-compliant activities or entertaining ways to create music. PULSE hopes that this will be an inspiration for our viewers, make use of the library once published and get inspired.

That is not all that is being worked on, so be sure to stay tuned, as content will be published regularly in the weeks and months ahead. On behalf of FBF, NMF and PULSE, join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary of partnership and collaboration

Author: Nicholas Bahrawy

Pictures: Nomkhosi Mnisi

Video: Eva Bortne

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