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The Activity Library is now published on YouTube! Look through the different playlists and find a great variety of content for many different occasions. There are icebreakers to make introductions easier and energizers to keep the group active and engaged. How about learning something new? The Body Percussion playlist provides fun new ways of creating rhythms and beats with your hands or simple tools. Drill instructors may also find videos with examples that they can use during rehearsals.

Use the Activity Library to foster growth both personal and professional. The content on the channel will also grow with time, as new content is created and uploaded. So check back regularly, or subscribe to the channel to be notified when new content is uploaded. Seeing the channel visited and the videos used are the goals of the channel.

We hope that the content available now and in the future will inspire new uses, variety and provide an alternative approach to structuring band rehearsals or workshops. Explore the channel and the different playlists, there is content for everyone to use. It can be mentioned that in light of the global pandemic, special playlists have been created with COVID friendly activities. Such activities can be used in a safe manner, providing both safety for the participants as well as a fun activity they can engage in.

It is a piece of pride for us, to have this channel up and running with the content that has been created over the years. We hope that everyone working with and for bands in the Field Band Foundation and the Norwegian Band Federation can both use the content we present to further the growth between the organisations and the development of their members alike.

Author: Nicholas Bahrawy


Dineo and Nomkhosi: PULSE and BCB alumni

Flamingo View Estate, Kimberly: On 26 March 2021 Norges Musikkorps Forbund and the Field Band Foundation hosted a gathering with its exchange alumni, celebrating the organisations’ 20years of partnership through music and dance. This celebration was a milestone, as it was the first gathering of the alumni with some of the former FBF South Participants. The alumni band entertained the distinguished guest who graced the event with their presence, and it was nothing short of fun.

The festivities of this auspicious event were also to celebrate the alumni and keep contact with them as they have played a vital role in the success and continuity of the partnership. Out of 19 alumni who were invited from the Northern Cape, 16 managed to come and celebrate together with everyone, hailing from all parts of the region. Currently there are 74 alumni across South Africa who have participated in the Bands Crossing Boarders and the PULSE programme.

Nicolette du Plessis(FBF CEO)

The event was filled with fun activities such as ‘Pass the Gift’, whereby all the guests were taking part. Small Giras,  the Field Band mascot, were shared amongst the guests and the alumni who were present at the event. Dineo Mthimunye, who is an alumni, told everyone about the concept of Gira and how she represents most of the kids in the Field Band Foundation. Nicolette du Plessis, CEO of the Field Band Foundation, spoke highly of the exchange programme and how it was brought to life. She mentioned the positive impact that PULSE and BCB had brought to the members of the Field Band and it has inspired many members to be part of the exchange.

The alumni band entertained the guests, taking them down the Field Band memory lane with songs such as Amavololo and Ubuhle Bendoda, which left everybody clapping, singing, and dancing. Bruce Veldman, who is an alumnus, gave a wonderful speech on how the PULSE programme became a steppingstone in becoming a positive and a vibrant man that he has become. Today, Bruce is a sergeant in the South African Police Band and was one of the top 10 candidates for the Mr South Africa Pageant in 2020.

Bruce Veldman
PULSE and BCB alumni band

Thuli Mpse, the Chairperson of the Field band Foundation, closed the event with a speech thanking everyone who came to the event. Thuli shared her vision on how she would like to expand the field bands to other provinces of South Africa so they can reach all the young people in the country.

Thuli Mpse(FBF Chair person)

Author: Jacob J Mhlapeng

Pictures: Dineo Mthimunye and Jacob J Mhlapeng

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