Meet the 2022 PULSE team

2022 is well underway and so is the new PULSE team. 

A hearty blend of people from the high North and the deep South,  both experienced and fresh in the organization, the team appears to be getting along like a house on fire. The first couple of weeks working together were characterized by hundreds of smiles, thousands of pieces of knowledge, and millions of bytes of digital information.

In the year ahead this team will tackle tasks of both Field Band Foundation (FBF) and Norges Musikkorps Forbund (NMF) and will do so largely without meeting in person. After two years of a global pandemic, the digital workspace has been the new standard. This does not come without a set of challenges, even for the PULSE team which is accustomed to working across borders. Expressing personalities, humor, and office atmosphere in the digital realm is a different dynamic from what it is in the physical realm. But we adapt and we adjust and have learned that the digital workspace does not have to be lonely, nor does it have to be boring.

In 2022, the South Participants remain the same as last year with the quartet of Jacob Mhlapeng, Tebogo Ntshole, Khayalethu Benela, and Nomkhosi Mnisi making up the core, and the North Participants are Sofia Mahan, Nicholas Bahrawy who are now joined by Sara Brygfjeld, and Gorm Helfjord.

Author: Gorm Helford

Picture: Gorm Helford

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