Music for every one

Regardless of individual challenges and difficulties, all young people deserve to have equal opportunities when it comes to enjoying their musical hobbies, thriving at their chosen instrument, or even making it a career.

In fact, Article 31 of United Nation Convention on the Rights of Children states that children have the right to rest and leisure, the right to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child, and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts. The UN Committee endorses the view «that it is through cultural life and the arts that children and their communities express their specific identity and the meaning they give to their existence.”

Children with disabilities may be hindered in various ways from participating freely. A drummer in a wheelchair may need practical assistance, a student with impaired learning abilities may need a little extra time and effort.  Every child is an individual and has individual needs. These challenges can be overcome with the right tools and knowledge.

These are some of the issues tackled in a new article published on the NMF website this month.

Members of the PULSE team have been hard at work assisting in the making of the article, written by Guro Solbakken in cooperation with NMF.

Read the full article here:

[Article in Norwegian]

[Article translated to English]

Guro Solbakken

Guro Solbakken will host an online meeting (in Norwegian) on this topic on March 09 2021, for anyone wanting to learn more.

[link Norwegian]

[link English]

Author: Gorm Helford

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