First Educational Band Visit 2019

PULSE went on their first Educational Band Visit in 2019 last week to Thabazimbi and Springs. It was great to finally try out the new content that PULSE has been developing the past months. In addition, the band visit is a great opportunity for PULSE to see how the staff works together as a team and how their positive dynamics reflect on the members.


PULSE is conducting a Music and Health Focus Group Discussion this year, which gives the staff an opportunity to discuss topics around their role. One major factor that was addressed was being a role model. When PULSE attends the rehearsals, this is exactly what we see; members looking up to the field band staff. The participants from PULSE all come from different teaching backgrounds, and it is a wonderful experience seeing different methods of, not only teaching, but interacting with members. This is something PULSE can learn from and take back to Norway!


One of the important tasks in field band is to build self-esteem in members and teaching values. When building self-esteem and confidence there will be a difference between giving a +2 mark with a smiley face rather than a -18, even though the score will reflect the same result. This is the positive approach PULSE got to witness in Thabazimbi, and this is due to the dedication of the staff to be the best role-models they can be.


PULSE is very excited for the next band visits that are lined up and on Monday we are leaving for Hanover and Petrusville!
Stay Tuned!
Thaba 3.jpg
Written by: Madeleine
Photos by: Madeleine, Lise, Jakob, Denis
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As we have rolled over into the year of 2019, PULSE is now in the process of giving input on the development of the new FBF E-Learning platform. On Thursday, FBF and PULSE attended the New Leaf Technologies seminar to learn more about this. New Leaf Technologies is an excellent E-Learning provider that is developing our adaptive learning platform, and we can’t wait to see the final results!
E-Learning is becoming a buzz word in the learning and development industry. Moving into a paperless world is just a small part of what E-Learning actually has to offer. Here are some fun facts!
Did you know that:
  1. E-Learning speeds up employee training? It typically requires 40-60% less employee time than learning in a traditional classroom setting and it gives the students access to learning material at anytime, anywhere.
  2. It will highly reduce the cost of training? By having all training in one place, you don’t have to find facilitators or venues!
  3. It maximizes knowledge retention!  E-Learning can increase knowledge retention rate by 25-60%, simply because it is much more engaging than learning in a traditional classroom setting.
  4. It increases productivity! E-Learning can actually increase productivity by 50%, because it gives the student the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their own environment. It is also personalized to suit everyones educational needs.
  5. It betters collaboration and communication. Because E-Learning gives you a chance to communicate with peers and facilitators in real time, it creates an open and communicative environment where skills and knowledge can be shared among everyone.
-Brandon Hall (2001 and Rosenberg 2001)
Blog feb.png
To have access to all learning material, activities and information on one platform, contributes to excellent learning and development opportunities for everyone. Moving into a finalizing stage of the pilot project, PULSE and FBF are excited to see the positive results!
blog feb 2.png
Stay tuned to hear more about this project!
Written by: Madeleine
Photos by: Madeleine
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NM Brass Championship

Music is the universal language that brings people from different parts of the world together. Different bands from different parts of Norway come together for this prestigious and big event called the NM Brass Championships (Norges Mesterskap). The Norwegian Championship for brass is held every year in Grieghallen in Bergen. Close to 2500 musicians from 70 bands participate, divided into six divisions by levels. The championship is open to all amateur bands with a brass band crew that are members of the Norwegian Band Federation, called The NMF. NMF nominates the winner of the championship as a Norwegian participant in the following year`s European brass band championship.BGO 2  Band leaders and members work hard by putting in extra days and hours practising, organising seminars and pre-concerts to prepare and be ready for the championship. This event brings the spirit of togetherness, sense of belonging and mastering something together through dedication. All of this, including team work and working towards the same goal as a band, are Pulse values.BGO 3 Music brings the world together and in Pulse we are stronger together.  Two of the Pulse participants from South Africa staying in Bergen, Bongani Goliath and Martin Sibiya will be taking part in this prestigious event, performing with one of the bands in Bergen (Lyshornet Brass).  They have been practicing with the band since last year, also participating in the band concerts and the Christmas concert. This will be their first time performing at the Norwegian Championship.BGO 1 The Norwegian Championship (NM Brass) is held Friday to Saturday the second week of February by Norgers Musikkorps Forbund. The competitions are open to public and Saturday night of the championship is traditionally ended with the Brass night for participants, organizers and the public.

Written by: Bongani Goliath

Photo by: Martin Sibiya and NM Brass web page

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It is the beginning of the year, which means a lot of new projects ahead for PULSE! In preparation for a new round of Educational Band Visits, PULSE is now developing the educational material for 2019. In regards to the development of new material, FBF and PULSE can happily announce that they received generous funding from the Norwegian Embassy to develop a new project that will focus on the LGBT+ awareness. The project will work under the name FBF PLUS and is being added to PULSE guides and Educational Band Visit curriculum, in order to spread knowledge about this highly relevant and important subject.


South Africa was the first country in the world to safeguard sexual orientation as a human right in its constitution. The law came into force 27 April 1994, and forbid discrimination on the basis of sex, gender or sexual orientation. Same-sex marriage has been legal in South Africa since 30 November 2006 which made South Africa the fifth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.
Despite progressive and liberal changes in the laws early on, South Africa still remains a country of many different cultures and norms. Therefore, the conversations about LGBT+ are not as accepted as one would think, and only a small percentage of the population has disclosed openly about their LGBT+ orientation. IMG_5062.jpg
Not knowing and not having the proper knowledge and education about certain topics is what creates uncertainty and misunderstandings. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for PULSE to have these topics as focus points and spread the knowledge to FBF staff and members. In addition to LGBT+ awareness, PULSE will present new material on Sexual Health and Group Development and Interactive Lifeskills Activities. The importance of how to safely talk to members about sensitive topics regarding sexual education is high, and knowing how to successfully involve members actively when discussing lifeskills topics is vital for the education. PULSE is also working on making all of the lifeskills activities music and movement related, to tie everything together with what FBF stands for.
Written by: Madeleine
Photos by: Madeleine
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Hell Conference

It is always an honor for our project to be involved in youth and leadership development projects. On the 18th of January 2019, the PULSE team in Norway was invited to the Hell Conference in Trondheim. The Hell conference is one of the biggest annual conferences in Norway which aims to empower band leaders and band members all over the country. The conference was divided into two levels which was youth (band members), and leadership which consist of conductors, teachers and band leaders.It was an inspiration listening to NM F’s peer educators during the youth conference having a very productive discussion with the participants about how we can make a banding environment more inclusive and saferhell 2

The youth came up with very important point; that it is everyone’s responsibility to give each other positive feedback and help when it is needed to uplift the spirit of encouragement and mastering. Mathea Eiken Faksen, one of the peer educators made it very clear that language can be one of the barriers. After playing a survey game called Kahoot that brought awareness to everyone how to cross language barrier. Since one of the PULSE-goals is to make people feel a sense of mastering and safety, we have learned how effective it can be to use peers in terms of bringing awareness to the youth.

The Conference this year was joined by one of the popular Conductors Peter Boon shaft form USA, Bjorn Sagstad from Norway and the motivational speaker Roger Finnager. For the PULSE team it was so refreshing to work with this vibrant youth, as we introduced a South African Zulu named piece called Indida (means confusion) The piece consists of six elements which is dance, singing, percussion, marimba, steel drum and body percussion. Our aim by doing this peace was to give everyone the feeling of achievement since this was new to everyone and they were put outside their comfort zone.  This was  a nice opportunity  to make the  young musicians experience a new instrument and music from other countries.hell 3

the last day of the conference both conferences came together for the last seminar of the week. Byasen Skolemussikkorps opened the seminar with a popular South African wedding song ‘We Bhuti’ by a group called Mafikizolo. What a good variation it was from the previous classes to the last one where all band leaders and members come together to be reminded how important everyone it is in the band. Peter Boon shaft  pointed out that “When you have been given an opportunity to be here it comes with the great responsibility to make your band a better place to be” . This took us back to one of the PULSE methodologies which was adopted from the Field Band:  teach one teach one( correct and teach each other in a polite way) , as it allocates responsibility for everyone to contribute in the creation of a better learning environment and a safe space where everyone will feel a sense of belonging

Written By Chief G Zwane

Photos by PULSE team

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Happy New Year & Holiday PULSE

Happy New Year!

PULSE is back and ready for new adventures here in South Africa! Everyone is settling back into the office after the holidays, starting new and exciting projects for the year.
PULSE had a wonderful end to the year 2018 with Holiday PULSE in Parys, Free State.
Holiday PULSE is a project adapted from the Norwegian Ferie PULSE, which takes place during the school holidays. It is an opportunity for members to come and play, socialize and work towards a closing performance.
The turnout was great, with about 85 participants in Parys and 125 in Vredefort on a daily basis. Together with PULSE, the field bands managed to recruit a lot of new members!
Blogg vredefort 2.jpg
Holiday PULSE is not just an opportunity to grow as a musician, but it is an opportunity to make new friends and try out different activities. In addition to rehearsals and sectionals each day, PULSE arranged activities such as arts&crafts, soccer tournaments, talent show, drum circles and body percussion. These activities, together with many energizers during the day, really brought all the members together- creating a great sense of community and togetherness. It was amazing to receive volunteer involvement from parents and community members and PULSE would like to thank all who helped making this such a great experience!!
vredefort blogg 1.jpg
The Tutor Team worked very hard leading the different sections, teaching the members new music and overall creating a safe and fun environment.
Written by: Madeleine
Photos by : Madeleine
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FeriePULSE 2019 – We Are Ready!

On Saturday 1st of December that was the day all 2019 FeriePULSE Praktikants and Pulse Team came together in Oslo for the FeriePULSE 2019 preparations. The idea of this two-day workshop was to get to know each other, meet the new and old participants from both the praktikant-program and Pulse. Additionally, and most importantly we were going to try out and implement the music, choreography and all the activities that will be done in FeriePULSE with the kids that will be taking part.IMG_1744

To break down the role of a praktikant: he/she is going to assist with the kids in activities, music, choreography and with the goals that Pulse is striving to achieve, and our goal is to have more Children from low-income areas have access to Band Activities and report they find sense of belonging and well-being in a Band.  Also, to motivate the kids and be a good example.

Ragnild S. Nordberg was leading this workshop from the planning, logistics and in running of the program. Odd-Erik Nordberg helped with music arrangement, Beret was helping with the choreography, Thulani and Pulse Team were working together in making sure that this workshop was a success.dav

On Sunday 2nd of December Pulse Team Had a chance to perform their 2018/19 Full Performance for the praktikants just to give them a taste of what this new and fresh group is bringing this time around!

We were fortunate enough to be joined by two South Africans Katlego Maholwane and Penny Mokgobu, who are also a part of Field band Foundation and currently studying in Toneheim Folkhehøyskole. They assisted and participated in everything that was happening in this workshop and they also performed with the Pulse team in Field Band Foundation Style to put some good mood in the room.

The workshop was indeed a success. We achieved all that we wanted to achieve and most importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves and when the workshop ended everyone went home knowing what is needed and expected from them to do. I can safely say ‘Yeah FeriePULSE 2019 We Are Ready!’.

Written by : Mxolisi Martin Sibiya

Photos by  : Thulani Maluleka & Mxolisi Martin Sibiya


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