Norwegian Constitution Day

It was a great honour for the PULSE south participants to be part of the biggest celebration in Norway, the Norwegian constitution day. To participate in this day, and to be a part of the marching bands that takes place on the 17th of May has become a tradition for the PULSE exchange participants in Norway. The 17th of May celebration is one of the popular highlight for most of our former participant, reported by one of the former participants Thulani Maluleka. Congratulation to both team Bergen and team Oslo by taking initiative to be part of the parades in both cities.

IMG_20180517_150753 (1).jpg

It was really exciting to see Furuset Skolekorps and PULSE team Oslo on National TV (NRK), playing South African music with great energy and movements while passing the Norwegian Royal House (Kongehuset) at Slottsplassen. Team Bergen had a very productive day with Varden Skolekorps Playing Norwegian traditional marches, and later in the day, they did a very beautiful concert. The balance Between the PULSE teams and the Skolekorps really shows great progress in cultural exchange, and is a tool to bring the nations closer together as team Bergen and Varden Skolekorps played Norwegian traditional march music and team Oslo and Furuset skolekorps played South African music.

Gratulerer med dagen til Norge!


Photos by: Ingvill Starberg

Written by. PULSE Team Oslo

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A Different Job Opportunity

Do you want to do something exciting and new? Do you want to live in another country and experience a brand new culture? Do you want to work with and meet a lot of new and interesting people? Do you want a job that is varied and fun?


Field Band Foundation (FBF) and Norges Musikkorps Forbund (NMF) together with their founder FK Norway are now searching for new participants to be a part of the team for the next round of PULSE (2018/2019). This will be the third year of the second round of PULSE, meaning it is the 6th year of PULSE all together. PULSE is a one-year exchange programme between Norway and South Africa that focuses on how music and dance activities can be used to promote mental and social well-being and improve the quality of life within the communities. The aim is to become better at including socially excluded and marginalised groups.

South African participants that want to apply for the exchange programme in Norway have to be FBF staff (PO, SO, BC or tutors). An information e-mail with details on the call for application is sent out to your Project Officers, and you can get all the information needed from them. The deadline for sending in an application is Monday 14 May.


The South African participants PULSE 2017/2018 in Norway. From left: Masibulele Langa, Chief Zwane, Denis Ma-Nicetro Mashabane and Adrian Mackay.

Are you a Norwegian citizen and want to apply for PULSE? Please follow this link: The deadline for applying is Tuesday 22 May.


Norwegian PULSE participants in South Africa 2017/2018. From left: Sofie Hjertvik, Lisa Laila Gontarek, Marie Rotevatn, Hanna Bakke Negård.

If you have any questions, please contact PULSE on during working hours (08.00-16.00).

Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård

Pictures by: The PULSE teams and Eva Bortne

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Opera House Performance.

On the 29 April 2018, PULSE Norway took part in a huge event in Oslo. The performance included participants who were attending VinterPULSE in Oslo. Most members who attendended this event were from skolekorps around Oslo that have been working closely with PULSE, such as Furuset Skoles Musikkorps and Grunerløkka juniorkorps.


The PULSE team has been preparing the performance during VinterPULSE, which simply means that performance was ready for the stage a long time ago. The participants were very exhilarated, they gave a positive run through during the dress rehearsal. The participants performed an outstanding show right after a verbalization rendered by Norges Musikkorps Forbund President Rita Hirsum Lystad. This is one of the highest profiled events that PULSE has ever taken place in. There were performers like the prominent trumpeter Ole Edvard Antonsen, and The Crown Prince of Norway, the Crown Prince Håkon was in the audience.


PULSE would like to give credit to everyone who made this possible, especially parents who trusted us with their children. PULSE is looking forward to keep support and relationship stronger and stronger on our daily basis, because we are stronger together.


Written by: Denis Mashabane and Masibulele Langa

Potos by: katja Furnes and Ingrid Thorstensen


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The Tallest Structure

People are different, and everyone gains knowledge in different ways. That is why PULSE is trying to accommodate everyone when teaching. Besides from presenting and engaging the learners in various discussions, PULSE also uses practical methods when working on different topics.

On the Educational Band Visits, PULSE uses different activities that have been developed in the project throughout the years. One of these activities will be presented to you in this week’s blog post, and it is an activity PULSE uses when teaching about the topic Disability Awareness & Inclusive Teaching.

The activity is called “The Tallest Structure”, you can read it here:

The tallest structure

This activity makes the learners reflect on how their life might be if they were living with a disability, and then again reflect on the barriers people living with disabilities may encounter in their everyday life. The feedback from the learners participating in the activity is positive, and the activity is also helping them to achieve a sense of teamwork, since they have to work together in a different way than they are used to. Often when doing this activity PULSE has witnessed that the learners usually focus on what every single person can contribute with in the group, regardless of their “disability”.


Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård and Lisa Laila Gontarek

Pictures by: PULSE team

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Kom Og Bli Med

On 28 April 2018, PULSE will be taking part in the Norwegian Band Federations (NMF) celebration in their 100 years of existence, inspiring people of all ages through music and banding activities. There will be 16 Skolekorps (bands) from all over Oslo attending this event. All the bands will be marching in the parade together with the PULSE team from Akershus Festning to Slottsplassen in Oslo. PULSE has worked together with Ante Skaug and Nicklas Oghren to find an energetic and fun repertoire for the parade, they are really looking forward for this event. The repertoire consists of the brand new song “100 år (100 years) Celebration” arranged by Nicklas Oghren and the traditional South African Song “Makarita” arranged by Sihle Mabena.


PULSE is proud to announce that the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg will be attending and also opening the event. The team is really looking forward to this and will join the parade with pride, celebrating 100 years of banding activity existence in Norway. It is exciting to be part of this, as it will create a lifetime of memories for a lot of people especially the young ones who will be showcasing their talent. There will also be a well-known Norwegian artist called Wenche Myhre attending the event to bring some different flavor to the Parade.


Written by: Chief Zwane and Adrian Mackay

Photos by: Nicklas Oghren and Mads Myr Munthe-Kaas

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Visit to Western Cape

Before the Easter holiday, Lisa and Hanna from PULSE and Nomkhosi and Dineo from FBE facilitated Educational Band Visits in the projects in Western Cape, both in Plettenberg Bay and Stellenbosch (Cape Town). Throughout the years, Western Cape has previously not been a focus area for PULSE, that’s why it was important to visit these areas now. The first and only time PULSE visited this region was in December with the project “Holiday PULSE” that took place in Plettenberg Bay.


The visit before Easter was the beginning of “round 2” of Educational Band Visit. An Educational Band Visit is a four-day workshop where PULSE and FBE facilitate some of their curriculum, and PULSEs focus area is Disability Awareness. You can read more about educational band visits here. The improvements for this round is that the content is a bit different from the first round, but the main focus from PULSE is still Disability Awareness, but also with a focus on HIV / Aids and lifeskills. Another improvement is that PULSE and FBE give the teams an implementation task every day, which they need to conduct during the rehearsal.

Here are some pictures from the Educational Band Visit Plettenberg Bay:


Here are some pictures from the Educational Band Visit in Stellenbosch:

Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård

Pictures by: Lisa Laila Gontarek and Hanna Bakke Negård

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Amazing Presentations by the Free State Teams

The Free State tutor teams have over the past three years received and been provided with knowledge on Disability Awareness and Inclusive Teaching from PULSE. Reason is that these three teams work in inclusive bands, bands that accommodate a larger percentage of members living with disabilities than what most field bands do. As a way of making sure that the knowledge that has been passed on has been helpful and sufficient, these teams were asked to give a presentation at 16 March at Dance Café.

All three teams had the same set-up task that included reflection questions regarding the past, the present and the future in the bands. Each team also needed to solve a case. The aim of the task was to hear about the teams’ experiences and ability to make use of the knowledge on disability awareness and inclusive teaching they have obtained, and reflect around their own development.

Parys, Viljoenskroon and Kroonstad all conducted a 45-minute presentation each. Almost all staff members were involved and the audience for the presentation consisted of both internal and external stakeholders. A special thank you to the representatives from City of Joburg for taking the time to spend the morning with us.

In addition to the presentation, a band consisting of tutors and members from Alexandra, Soweto and the new CoJ bands (City of Joburg) gave all the people attending a real field band welcome at the entrance of the venue.

fullsizeoutput_37efPhumzile Twala and Bongani Goliath, POs in Alexandra field band and Soweto field band, contributed to the event by sharing some personal experiences. They gave the audience real and touching stories about how it is to be a part of a field band, both as a member and as staff.

All Free State teams did an incredible job that exceeded all expectations. The presentations were filled with passion, insight, humour and good reflections. Every single one of them stepped into the part as high-level presenters, and PULSE couldn’t be more proud. The teams are doing a remarkable job out on the ground, and the members of the Free State bands are truly fortunate to have these young leaders as their role models.

PULSE would like to thank all attendees for taking the time to be there, the band for performing and the Free State teams for embracing this challenge as real Super Heroes!


All three teams, Sofie, Marie and Eva after the presentations


Written by: Marie Rotevatn

Photos by: Marie Rotevatn, Sofie Hjertvik, Eva Bortne and Paul Mongwe

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