Could this be “THE GAME CHANGER” for the Voksnepplæring musicians?

It is not very often where you get to witness a beginner musician play their first concert in front of over a thousand audience and still be able to entertain without fear like a pro! It took the Pulse team two workshops to build this type of confidence in this group, in preparation for the Mix forestilling concert in Skien and the team was so happy to see them climb out of their shells and go crazy on stage. This is what freedom means to us.

DSC_4491liten 1

The band conducted by Franqo


Franqo is showing them how to move during the drum break

This was indeed a very successful project which could potentially be the corner-stone of social integration and inclusion in the Skien community. Also, many people from Skien including community leaders have become very optimistic about collaborations of this nature and they fully support the possibility of initiating more projects like this one going forward. The Pulse team is very grateful to the Skien Kulturskolen for giving us the opportunity to be part of this game changing event.











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PULSE across South Africa

PULSE has been traveling a lot the past weeks, visiting bands in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Plettenberg Bay, Viljoenskroon and Kuruman. It has been a great way for the new PULSE team to get to know a lot of Field Band staff in a short time and each visit has been a great success. For PULSE it has been very fun to start experiencing different parts of South Africa, outside of the office!

Blog 1.jpg

PULSE is now busy finishing up the last band visits before the year is over and soon, planning will start in developing new Educational Band Visit content. Next year, PULSE will focus more on musical skills with a year plan that is packed with a lot of activities, workshops and band visits.

Next week, PULSE will be holding the fourth and final Tutor Workshop 2019 so stay tuned for pictures from their final assessments, social evening and ceremony!

bLOG 2.jpg

Written by: Madeleine

Pictures by: Madeleine

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Project Skien

From 07/10/2019 to 09/10/2019 we had a  seminar at Skien where we were teaching at an adult learning center called Voksenoppæringa. This project aims at starting a band for immigrants living in Norway and it acts as a tool that can be used for integrating into the communities that they are living in. It is also a tool to learn about Norwegian culture through the banding system. This project also aims at integrating its participants to local bands in Skien and to make sure that the members are continually engaged in musical activities.

We had participants from Arab countries and African countries from the ages of 18 to 60 years of age. We also had different children coming in every day as participants, whereby they will have different sessions in different instruments.


Jacob Mhlapeng teaching Ziyawa dance during the practice sessions


Franqo conducting the band in one of the practice sessions.


With this seminar, we were also preparing for the concert which is to be held on 06/10/2019 at Skien culture house. we are looking forward to this concert as it will showcase the strength of working together and proving that music matters despite where you come from in the world and together we are stronger.


skien 10

Jacob, Khaya, Nomkhosi Odd-Erik and Franqo on drums warming up before a presentation.

skien 9

The joy of playing Djembe and P-buzz

skien 5

Band members clapping hands and playing boom-whackers.


Sørum Skole

For two weeks now, the Oslo team has been busy with a new project at Sørum Skole. The project aims at starting a drum line for the school and currently, this project uses Djembes as its main instrument.


Khaya singing and dancing for the children during a practice session


Khaya showing the kids some music on the board and the lyrics to the song.



Khaya conducting the kids

Team Oslo has also been tasked to start a Sørum Skole Field Band Foundation whereby members will be taught how to play Marimba, marching percussion, singing, dancing, and marching techniques we hope brass instruments will be added soon.


written by: Jacob J Mhlapeng

Pictures by: Birgitte Grong and Nomkhosi Mnisi



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Greetings from PULSE South Participants.

Last week Friday, you met the  new North participants. This week you are introduced to the new South participants. We have been in Norway for a month currently and we are enjoying our stay so far.

Upon our arrival we collaborated with the PULSE South participants team which was preparing to head back home to South Africa. Together we had a successful performance at Tusenfryd in Oslo. We are looking forward to a wonderful, fun filled year and many information sharing sessions.

New PULSE South participants


From left: Jacob Jabu Mhlapeng, Khayalethu Sibusiso Benela, Tebogo Franqo Ntshole and Nomkhosi Theodora Mnisi.

           New PULSE South participants profile

              Jacob J MhlapengIMG_5865

Skills: Euphonium player, music tutor, Facilitator, Event safety managing, Planning and organizing.

Experience: Organizing events, performing with street theater cast named Giant Match. Joined the Field Band Foundation in 1997. Participated in an exchange called Band Crossing Borders in 2006/2007. Currently a programs officer for Field Band Foundation.

Fun fact: likes playing Play Station gaming console and travelling.

“I am passionate about information sharing, learning new life hacks and tricks. I like leaving a footprint wherever I go and a legacy for the upcoming generation.”


Khayalethu S Benela  IMG_5835

Skills: Trumpet player, Arranging, Tutoring, composer

Experience: Playing with South African Orchestra, Managing and coordinating Blouberg Field Band foundation and a programs officer at the City of Johannesburg Field Band Foundation.

Fun fact: Can play 2 trumpets at the same time in tune.

“I am a passionate trumpeter who likes taking action rather than talking”


Franqo T Ntshole IMG_5880

Skills: Trumpet player, composer , arranger and brass tutor

Experience: Music performance with different brass bands, jazz bands and South African National Youth Junior Orchestra. I’ve been with the Field Band Foundation as a member for 15 years and a brass tutor for 2 years.

Fun Facts: ADRENALIN JUNKY! Loves extreme sports especially sky diving but never tried it.

“I want others to be  inspired by me”


Nomkhosi T Mnisi IMG_5844

Skills: Steel drum player, arranging and facilitating.

Experience:  Joined the Field Band Foundation in 2000. Facilitator at Field Academy, administrator at Field Band Education, Steel drum and Marimba tutor.

Fun fact: Can’t sing to save her life

“I am a critical thinker, problem solver who likes working with kids and making a difference”



On the 07/10/2019 to 09/10/2019  we will be at Skein doing a seminar helping to start a band in an adult learning center.


Pictures: Monica Johansen.

Written: Jacob Mhlapeng

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Hello from PULSE 7!

Hello all!

We are very happy to present to you the new PULSE North Participant team!
PULSE 7 has now been in Johannesburg for about a month which has been a very exciting time. The month has been spent with transfer of knowledge sessions between PULSE 6 and PULSE 7, in addition to experiencing Educational Band Visits to Alexandra, Soweto, Musina and Blouberg.
The team is now ready to take over the great work done by PULSE 6 and everyone is ready for new adventures and experiences here in South Africa!
Here is an introduction of the new team:
PULSE 7.jpeg
From left: Klara, Maja, Annika, Madeleine, Lisa, Anja


Experience: Trumpet Performer and Music Educator
“What I am most excited about with PULSE is to meet new people, watch and learn from others in addition to using my knowledge to develop the PULSE project a step further.”
Fun Fact: Loves extreme sports and adrenalin!


Experience: Music Lecturer with Percussion as main instrument
“I am excited to experience new people and different cultures!”
Fun Fact: Youtube Queen!


Experience: Social Worker, focusing on youth living with physical and mental disabilities.
Piano Player
“I am excited to get to know Field Band Foundation better, and work with the relation between music and health. I also look forward to meet new people and experience South Africa! “
Fun Fact: Loves cats, stockfish and the northern lights!


Experience: Music Educator with Clarinet as main instrument
“I am excited to get to know a different culture, and to learn a lot from it. It will also be great to meet new people and to work for an organization that contributes to the wellbeing of youth in South Africa.
Fun Fact: Spent every summer sailing from early age up until 22 years old. Loves being out on the sea!!


Experience: Composer for Film and Multimedia and Clarinetist
“Since I am a returning PULSE participant, I am very excited to be able to follow up the work that we started last year and continue the journey. It has been great to meet so many amazing people here in Field Band Foundation and I am looking forward to get to know more! “
Fun Fact: Black belt in Tae Kwon-Do (I promise you its true…)


Experience: Conductor and Flute player

Fun Fact: Loves Dancing and Bikram Yoga

The next weeks will be very busy and fun for PULSE as there will be Educational Band Visits happening in Stellenbosch, Plettenberg Bay, Viljoenskroon, Sterkstroom and Kuruman! PULSE can’t wait to travel and see more of South Africa.
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Dirigentuka (The Conductors week)

The conductor’s week known as the Dirigentuka in Norwegian, is one of the largest and most popular conducting courses in Norway.  The course host over 100 participants and a teaching staff of 15 -20 acclaimed conductors and educators and Its available for international participants.  The course is aimed at a broad spectrum of conductors in both brass band and wind band conductors. The participants selection from beginners, intermediate to experienced professionals. The conductor’s week is a collaboration between the Norwegian Band Federation and the University of Stavanger’s Department of music and dance.


The Pulse Team have been invited to attend and take part in this reputable course in Stavanger   and will be attending all sessions during the course from the 05 until 09 August 2019.  During that week, they will also have a seminar with the conductors where they will talk about Pulse activities, music and activity library.


The team is currently preparing themselves with music to practice the conducting and have attended a three days training program in Oslo, facilitated by Jon Frode Berg who is a former Bands Crossing Boarders 2005 and 2006 participant. He is a percussion player and has a background both as a professional musician and as a conductor. He has also participated in Dirigentuka. The aim of the three-day training program is to focus on reading and understanding the score and conducting techniques. This course will be helpful to the team as it is an opportunity that will help upskill ourselves, when it comes to conducting and some of the knowledge will be helpful to use and share with Field Band Foundation in South Africa.

Written by: Bongani Goliath

Pictures: NMF Page & Eva

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Music and Movement Workshop Vlog



Even though the exchange time is coming to an end soon, PULSE is busier than ever!

The Music and Movement Workshop ended last Monday with an excellent and professional In-House Concert where groups from the different sessions performed what they had learned throughout the week. The workshop lasted for 7 days without any days off, so seeing the dedication and high energy from every participant was truly inspiring. For PULSE, this workshop was a big highlight of the exchange in South Africa.
During the workshop, despite working hard throughout the days, PULSE and FBE arranged a big talent show; Field Band X Factor! After seeing the different numbers performed, PULSE can safely say that Field Band is driven by extremely talented staff! PULSE got to witness everything from different musical numbers to dance and poetry. Well done!
Writing about this workshop does not justify being there and experiencing it. Therefore, please enjoy a video from the week!
Written by: Madeleine
Videos by: Madeleine & Lise
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