Happy New Year & Holiday PULSE

Happy New Year!

PULSE is back and ready for new adventures here in South Africa! Everyone is settling back into the office after the holidays, starting new and exciting projects for the year.
PULSE had a wonderful end to the year 2018 with Holiday PULSE in Parys, Free State.
Holiday PULSE is a project adapted from the Norwegian Ferie PULSE, which takes place during the school holidays. It is an opportunity for members to come and play, socialize and work towards a closing performance.
The turnout was great, with about 85 participants in Parys and 125 in Vredefort on a daily basis. Together with PULSE, the field bands managed to recruit a lot of new members!
Blogg vredefort 2.jpg
Holiday PULSE is not just an opportunity to grow as a musician, but it is an opportunity to make new friends and try out different activities. In addition to rehearsals and sectionals each day, PULSE arranged activities such as arts&crafts, soccer tournaments, talent show, drum circles and body percussion. These activities, together with many energizers during the day, really brought all the members together- creating a great sense of community and togetherness. It was amazing to receive volunteer involvement from parents and community members and PULSE would like to thank all who helped making this such a great experience!!
vredefort blogg 1.jpg
The Tutor Team worked very hard leading the different sections, teaching the members new music and overall creating a safe and fun environment.
Written by: Madeleine
Photos by : Madeleine
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FeriePULSE 2019 – We Are Ready!

On Saturday 1st of December that was the day all 2019 FeriePULSE Praktikants and Pulse Team came together in Oslo for the FeriePULSE 2019 preparations. The idea of this two-day workshop was to get to know each other, meet the new and old participants from both the praktikant-program and Pulse. Additionally, and most importantly we were going to try out and implement the music, choreography and all the activities that will be done in FeriePULSE with the kids that will be taking part.IMG_1744

To break down the role of a praktikant: he/she is going to assist with the kids in activities, music, choreography and with the goals that Pulse is striving to achieve, and our goal is to have more Children from low-income areas have access to Band Activities and report they find sense of belonging and well-being in a Band.  Also, to motivate the kids and be a good example.

Ragnild S. Nordberg was leading this workshop from the planning, logistics and in running of the program. Odd-Erik Nordberg helped with music arrangement, Beret was helping with the choreography, Thulani and Pulse Team were working together in making sure that this workshop was a success.dav

On Sunday 2nd of December Pulse Team Had a chance to perform their 2018/19 Full Performance for the praktikants just to give them a taste of what this new and fresh group is bringing this time around!

We were fortunate enough to be joined by two South Africans Katlego Maholwane and Penny Mokgobu, who are also a part of Field band Foundation and currently studying in Toneheim Folkhehøyskole. They assisted and participated in everything that was happening in this workshop and they also performed with the Pulse team in Field Band Foundation Style to put some good mood in the room.

The workshop was indeed a success. We achieved all that we wanted to achieve and most importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves and when the workshop ended everyone went home knowing what is needed and expected from them to do. I can safely say ‘Yeah FeriePULSE 2019 We Are Ready!’.

Written by : Mxolisi Martin Sibiya

Photos by  : Thulani Maluleka & Mxolisi Martin Sibiya


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Together for Global Goals

On Saturday, PULSE got to experience a major event! PULSE has been working on the Global Goals event for a few weeks and it was great to see all the visions come true. Erna Solberg, the Norwegian Prime Minister joined the whole event and we believe she had as much fun as we did. The combination of music, sports and 400 children is a winning recipe for a major success! blogg7.jpg

On Friday, we gathered a solid team of facilitators, consisting of Field Band Staff, to make sure that all lessons would go as smoothly as possible. The dedication, team work and creativity among everyone ensured us that Saturday would be perfect.


PULSE was part of the facilitator team, meaning having the responsibility of teaching the 17 Global Goals in a fun and interactive way. Hearing young children voicing their opinion on how to solve problems such as Gender Equality, Education, Poverty, Hunger and Sustainable Energy is not something you get to experience every day. One of the major questions discussed were “What can YOU do to achieve this goal?”. The mixed groups of children of all ages, adults and VIPs from different embassies gave this question in-depth solutions that inspired everyone attending the event.
PULSE believes that the only way of achieving the 17 goals by 2030 is to spread knowledge and awareness about the topics. Knowing that it is up to each and every one of us and not just the world leaders is the key.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make this day a once in a lifetime memory!
Written by: Madeleine
Photos by  : Madeleine
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Power of Inclusion

Thulani Maluleka is a former PULSE participant from South Africa who has been leaving in Norway for four years now and he has been a participant twice in the project. Thulani has been very helpful to the project in Norway, now he will work closer than before with PULSE, as he will be part of the inclusion team in the NMF. The NMF has received funding from the Kulturrådet (Norwegian Art Council) to train Thulani Maluleka in administration and inclusion fieldwork as NMF is an administrative organization. Thulani has been working with kids for so many years, with his leadership skills, it is easy to fill involved in his sessions. Thulani has been part of our FeriePULSE project (holiday program) almost since it was establish up until the last one we had. Which makes him more experience and competent in running these holidays projects._D459565-S

The main goal for Kulturrådet’s funding is to expand diversity in the Norwegian culture or the artistic perspective. One of our goals in PULSE is to improve the imbalance of the past by including more children from low-income areas and Linguistic minorities. The PULSE team is really looking forward to work with Thulani and create the more inclusive learning environment in the banding movement in Norway. PULSE in Norway, together with the NMF inclusion department, are really committed to develop a culture of inclusion because we really understand that people do not just feel different, they need to be fully involved and feel that their voices are heard.38052307_10156930540510715_3435370857751379968_n

PULSE is working very hard in enhancing our Activity library (folder used to archive our activities, mind games and team building games) that can be used as a tool to create a more inclusive learning environment in the banding movement. We aim to distribute the activity library to as many bands as we can. These activities will help in terms of making the kids feel a sense of belonging and mastering, as they do not require any language or physical strength competency. These activities can be challenging to everyone and it teaches us how much we need each other. Many guidelines in PULSE focuses on staying together all the time, respect other people’s space and voice.

written by Chief Zwane

Photos by Dennis Mashabane

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Exciting times ahead!

PULSE is going to be a part of some exciting events in the nearest future!

The FBF has been selected by the Royal Norwegian Embassy to organise an event based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals on 1 December 2018! Alexandra Field Band and Alex Soccer Girls will be attending this event, spending a day learning about the Sustainable Goals, which will be tied closely together with music and soccer.  Not only will we have guest such as ambassadors from Norway, Danmark and Irland, but we will have the pleasure of having the Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, joining us!

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are important, and it is vital that everyone around the world gets educated on WHY they are important and WHAT we are trying to reach. By 2030, the UN wants to reach 17 different goals concerning our world. 

These are the 17 Global Goals: 


FBF, in collaboration with several international advocacy groups, will conduct lessons about the Global Goals. The field band members, soccer members, guests and VIP’s will all be a part of this- making it an interactive learning experience where people can also share their thoughts on what WE can do to reach these goals. One person can not do this alone and UN can not do this alone, so it is important that everyone is aware and tries to contribute in their own way. We will only reach these goals, if we all stand together!  

PULSE is extremely happy to be a part of organising such a large and important event, contributing with musical skills, dancing skills, teaching skills and organisational skills. This is truly going to be a big happening, so please stay tuned for more information about this event! 112dc0f0-388a-4706-b918-529b5604a056.jpg

Written by: Madeleine

Photo by: Eva Bortne

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Parental and community involvement in bands

An important and encouraging thing in life as a child, is to see your parents supporting you in everything that you are doing, this encourages you to do better and feel confident in everything you do as child. You see your parents as super heroes, mentors, your protectors and pillars in your families.

The past weeks, Pulse Round 6 team experienced that parental and community involvement in Norway plays an important role in many bands and that makes it easier for the bands to function better in the daily running activities.  There are ways that can make bands to be a fun and exciting place to be, this includes creating band activities that will help the bands sustain members and motivate members to recruit friends to join the band.Varden 2

Parental engagement also helps a lot in many band activities, this includes helping with preparing meals during the rehearsals, meals that are taken during the rehearsal breaks as snack to band members. Parents also help the band to fund raise by bringing or baking cakes and coffee to be sold at the bands’ concert.  People socialize using coffee and cakes in the events and this brings that cool vibe at the concerts.market

There are also other ways to raise funds like creating a second-hand market where clothes or any household material will be sold to public, it is known as flea market and in Norwegian slang is called   Loppemarket.  Loppemarket has been around for decades in Norway and it has become more popular in recent years due to environmental awareness.  The retro style that has become trendy when it comes to interior design. The market helps lot of people including the community and other people in need. The bands invite the public to come and buy at their flea market using social media like Facebook and other networks and this helps the bands to generate income. Parents are assisting in the flea market by selling the items and this includes Kiosk where self-made cakes, hot dogs and beverages (Coffee, Tea and Soda) are sold to raise funds for the bands. This creates a healthy relationship between the bands and the community. The funds raised from the activities are for well-being and sustainability of the bands and members, including band trips and other financial needs in the band. The Pulse team was also involved in assisting the bands with their activities, and the Pulse team sees parent as the positive stability in the bands.Market 2

After taking part in the Flea Market, both band members and parent had a feeling of achievement, belonging, togetherness and team work, where everyone worked towards the same goal. It really shows how people are stronger together!

Written By Bongani Goliath

Photos by Martin Sibiya

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The Power of Music

On Saturday, PULSE had the pleasure of being invited to the Soweto Field Band Parade! For PULSE it was nice to see the band outside of the official Educational Band Visits and National Championship, to see the great work the band is doing on a daily basis. Seeing the support and excitement from the Soweto community  when the band was playing, shows that Field Band is not only doing something good for their members, but the community as a whole. Investec Black Like Me Soweto Field Band were the winners of the prestigious prize Bertie & Ronnie Lunber National Championships Trophy at the National Championship last month. They showed excellent musicality and technique throughout their band, which reflects on the hard work of the Tutor Team.45156344_367534790656328_614261176087347200_n.jpg

blogg 5.jpg

Field Band Foundation keeps a high standard when it comes to musical development and offers training and courses beyond the lessons during the weekly rehearsals. This is done to ensure that all the tutors keep a high quality when teaching and also for them to develop further as instructors and musicians. One of the trainings offered are the ABRSM courses and exams. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is an examinations board and registered charity based in London, UK, which provides examinations in music at centers around the world. On September 26th, five members from the FBF Tutor Team took their ABRSM Practical exam (playing exam). The exam was taken at the Durban Music School where they were provided with a piano accompanist. The results were amazing and we congratulate you all! 


Anele Bishoti (Dordrecht)           Grade 5           Percussion               Merit

Gontse Motlhabane (Alex)           Grade 3          Trumpet                    Distinction

Pholoso Konopi (Viljoenskroon)  Grade 5         Percussion                Distinction

Jacob Mhlapeng (COJ 2)                Grade 5          Euphonium                Merit

Bennet Nkosi (Alex)                       Grade 8           Tuba                            Pass

blogg 4.jpg

Playing a musical instrument and being a part of a band comes with a lot of benefits. Being a part of a band means that you are a part of a music community where you can build new friendships and develop yourself as a musician and person in a safe environment. Learning an instrument takes time and requires a lot of patience, concentration and discipline. However, if you are dedicated you will quickly achieve mastering, which will make you feel proud, empowered and will raise your self-esteem. The key is to build resilience and never give up! 

Written by: Madeleine

Photos by: Dineo & Madeleine

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