Parental and community involvement in bands

An important and encouraging thing in life as a child, is to see your parents supporting you in everything that you are doing, this encourages you to do better and feel confident in everything you do as child. You see your parents as super heroes, mentors, your protectors and pillars in your families.

The past weeks, Pulse Round 6 team experienced that parental and community involvement in Norway plays an important role in many bands and that makes it easier for the bands to function better in the daily running activities.  There are ways that can make bands to be a fun and exciting place to be, this includes creating band activities that will help the bands sustain members and motivate members to recruit friends to join the band.Varden 2

Parental engagement also helps a lot in many band activities, this includes helping with preparing meals during the rehearsals, meals that are taken during the rehearsal breaks as snack to band members. Parents also help the band to fund raise by bringing or baking cakes and coffee to be sold at the bands’ concert.  People socialize using coffee and cakes in the events and this brings that cool vibe at the

There are also other ways to raise funds like creating a second-hand market where clothes or any household material will be sold to public, it is known as flea market and in Norwegian slang is called   Loppemarket.  Loppemarket has been around for decades in Norway and it has become more popular in recent years due to environmental awareness.  The retro style that has become trendy when it comes to interior design. The market helps lot of people including the community and other people in need. The bands invite the public to come and buy at their flea market using social media like Facebook and other networks and this helps the bands to generate income. Parents are assisting in the flea market by selling the items and this includes Kiosk where self-made cakes, hot dogs and beverages (Coffee, Tea and Soda) are sold to raise funds for the bands. This creates a healthy relationship between the bands and the community. The funds raised from the activities are for well-being and sustainability of the bands and members, including band trips and other financial needs in the band. The Pulse team was also involved in assisting the bands with their activities, and the Pulse team sees parent as the positive stability in the bands.Market 2

After taking part in the Flea Market, both band members and parent had a feeling of achievement, belonging, togetherness and team work, where everyone worked towards the same goal. It really shows how people are stronger together!

Written By Bongani Goliath

Photos by Martin Sibiya

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The Power of Music

On Saturday, PULSE had the pleasure of being invited to the Soweto Field Band Parade! For PULSE it was nice to see the band outside of the official Educational Band Visits and National Championship, to see the great work the band is doing on a daily basis. Seeing the support and excitement from the Soweto community  when the band was playing, shows that Field Band is not only doing something good for their members, but the community as a whole. Investec Black Like Me Soweto Field Band were the winners of the prestigious prize Bertie & Ronnie Lunber National Championships Trophy at the National Championship last month. They showed excellent musicality and technique throughout their band, which reflects on the hard work of the Tutor Team.45156344_367534790656328_614261176087347200_n.jpg

blogg 5.jpg

Field Band Foundation keeps a high standard when it comes to musical development and offers training and courses beyond the lessons during the weekly rehearsals. This is done to ensure that all the tutors keep a high quality when teaching and also for them to develop further as instructors and musicians. One of the trainings offered are the ABRSM courses and exams. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is an examinations board and registered charity based in London, UK, which provides examinations in music at centers around the world. On September 26th, five members from the FBF Tutor Team took their ABRSM Practical exam (playing exam). The exam was taken at the Durban Music School where they were provided with a piano accompanist. The results were amazing and we congratulate you all! 


Anele Bishoti (Dordrecht)           Grade 5           Percussion               Merit

Gontse Motlhabane (Alex)           Grade 3          Trumpet                    Distinction

Pholoso Konopi (Viljoenskroon)  Grade 5         Percussion                Distinction

Jacob Mhlapeng (COJ 2)                Grade 5          Euphonium                Merit

Bennet Nkosi (Alex)                       Grade 8           Tuba                            Pass

blogg 4.jpg

Playing a musical instrument and being a part of a band comes with a lot of benefits. Being a part of a band means that you are a part of a music community where you can build new friendships and develop yourself as a musician and person in a safe environment. Learning an instrument takes time and requires a lot of patience, concentration and discipline. However, if you are dedicated you will quickly achieve mastering, which will make you feel proud, empowered and will raise your self-esteem. The key is to build resilience and never give up! 

Written by: Madeleine

Photos by: Dineo & Madeleine

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Hello from Norway!


The South Participants of PULSE 6 have now been in Norway for about 3 weeks and have already completed one important project; FeriePULSE. FeriePULSE is a low threshold holiday program that aims to give children and youth that does not have plans for their holiday an opportunity to participate in a holiday activity based on music and dance. FeriePULSE is offered in various school holidays and this was the first time it was arranged during the autumn holiday. 46 children and youth between 7 and 17 years and 4 peer educators participated in the project in Bergen.  Together we developed a music and dance show inspired by South African and Norwegian music traditions.


2018 is an important year for several local cultural institutions; Bergen’s main concert arena Grieghallen and Bergen Cultural School is celebrating their 40 years of existents, and NMF their 100th anniversary. Saturday 20th October the three events was marked with a family concert and HøstPULSE was invited to perform their show together with the well-known professional orchestra, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.IMG_0028


To see the children from HøstPULSE and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra sharing one stage playing, dancing and singing Norwegian and South African music together was truly an amazing experience.  We have no doubt that the experience gave the children a feeling of achievement and mastering which is one of the goals, PULSE is working to achieve. We believe that if children are given an opportunity to share stage with professional musicians at an early age, this will inspire and motivate them to continue with after school activities. We also believe that this will have a positive effect on children and youth in the audience – Grieghallen was full that day!

Photos by Martin Sibiya

written by Chief Zwane


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Educational Band Visit to Thabazimbi

How would it make you feel if…..
You had to build a simple structure without being able to see? Without being able to talk? Or without being able to use your fingers?
These are some of the challenges the Tutor Team in Thabazimbi got to experience during their workshop, through activities such as the Tallest Structure.
PULSE 6 had the pleasure of doing their first Educational Band Visit last week, and it was a week filled with music, health, exchange of knowledge and laughs. PULSE 6 has now been continuing the work of PULSE 5 with the focus on the Holistic Aspect of music& dance, as well as Disability Awareness. What FBF and PULSE means by the Holistic Aspect is that music&dance has health benefits, not just for one part of the body but for the body as a whole. Physically, mentally and socially.
Field Band Foundation is doing an amazing job having inclusive bands, meaning that no disability nor gender is a barrier for learning music&dance. Therefore, PULSE is spending a lot of the workshop teaching about Disability Awareness.
Being able to….
  • Create an understanding about disabilities
  • Identify different disabilities
  • Use the correct terminology
  • Properly teach members with disabilities

…will minimize the barriers, misconceptions and myths. Remember, it is the doctor who gives you a diagnosis, however it is you who decides if/how disabled you are. Exclusion  can make a disability feel bigger than it is, so it’s by creating awareness about these topics that the field bands achieve their great diversity.


In addition to the Educational Band Visit, PULSE had the chance to see the beauty of Thabazimbi with all the animals it offered. Seeing Giras every day, to and from work, was a dream come true!

Thank you Thabazimbi!


Written by: Madeleine

Photos by: Madeleine&Lise

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FBF National Championship

On Saturday, PULSE got to experience the annual National Championship, which was held at Alexandra Stadium. The bands that were there delivered a fantastic show! The hot weather did not stop the high energy that the performers, facilitators and audience had. PULSE were working hands-on on the field, helping out with instruments and the sponsors Black Like Me (hair products).


PULSE is so grateful to have been a part of this event, especially so early in the year. The Nationals gave PULSE even more inspiration and motivation for the year and PULSE can’t wait to start working with these wonderful musicians. Seeing the dedication, discipline and true musical spirit really warms a  musicians heart and the diversity and inclusion in the bands really captures the true meaning of Field Band Foundation. There were 7 year olds playing right next to 17 year olds, it was an even amount of boys and girls and members with different disabilities were participating and performing just like everyone else in the band. One thing that really stood out was the advanced choreography and marching formation performed, in addition to the fact that everything was performed from memory. This is something you rarely see in Norwegian bands, and it is something PULSE would love to bring back to Norway.


Congratulations to all the winners!

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 9.42.38 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 9.42.48 AM.png


Written by: Madeleine

Photos by: Lise & Madeleine


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Hello from PULSE 6!

Hello from the new North Participants PULSE round 6!

PULSE 6 is going on their third week here in Johannesburg and it has been an exciting and interesting journey so far! The first week was spent doing an important Transfer of Knowledge between PULSE 5 and PULSE 6. PULSE 6 received a great amount of information to be able to successfully carry on the project. THANK YOU PULSE 5! The week finished off with an office braai and PULSE 5 presentations.
Also, the SP PULSE 6 team has now safely arrived in Norway and we wish them an amazing time!
Get to know PULSE 6! 
North Participants PULSE 6: Jakob, Tove, Lise and Madeleine
South Participants PULSE 6: Bongani, Mxolisi, Tshepang and Chief
During the second week, both SP and NP PULSE 5 and 6 went to Indaba Hotel for the FK Norway training course. This course offers an introduction to exchange programs which consists of practical things that are important to know before moving to a new country, adaptation, cultural differences, challenges and health and safety. The course also offers a closing course for people that have just finished their exchange where they present their exchange projects, reflect on how the year was, challenges and differences and future plans. Besides from the course work, it was an amazing experience to get to know people from different countries and to socialize over great food and entertainment!
This week the Head Office and PULSE are busy preparing for the National Championship which takes place on Saturday. Please stay tuned for updates and pictures from this exciting event!
Written by: Madeleine Klouda
Photos   by: Eva Bortne
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Is There Really a Correlation Between Music and Health?

This week has been a hectic and good week for PULSE. At this point there are a total of 15 PULSE participants in Johannesburg. This includes all the participants from PULSE round 5 and round 6, both Norwegian and South African. The week has been eventful with a lot of information, transfer of knowledge, a high-level presentation, a visit to Alexandra Field Band and much more.


Alexandra Field band with the PULSE teams

On Wednesday, PULSE 5 south and north participants held a presentation for both internal and external stakeholders including the new PULSE teams that are taking over the project. The topic for the presentation was: Is there really a correlation between music and health? To answer that, PULSE talked about the experience they encountered throughout the year, in addition to what the main activities in the two countries have been. PULSE is talking about health in a holistic perspective. “Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” As defined by WHO (moderated by PULSE).


Nicky du Plessis Presenting the new and old PULSE teams at the high level presentation.

In addition to talking, these videos were shown at the presentation. Take a look at them and decide for yourself if there really is a correlation between music and health:

From sommerkurs in Norway:

Video made by PULSE in South Africa, How does Field band make you feel:

PULSE5 wishes the new group of PULSE participants GOOD LUCK, and take good care of the project.

Here are some more pictures from the week:



Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård

Photos by: Eva Bortne, Hanna Bakke Negård, Masibulele Langa, Irene Okoye

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