Amazing atmosphere at the FBF`s National Championships!

P1090053For the 17th time the Field Band Foundation´s National Championships was arranged at Wanderers Stadium this weekend. The PULSE team was amazed and impressed by all the bands, the organisers and the locistics that went very smoothly when over a thousand kids and youth from all over South Africa gathered for this unique event.


In the National Championships ten field bands perform a fifteen minute show on a big field in front of the other nominated bands, audience, special guests and the judges. The bands can win prices in categories such as: best creative performance, best dance, best pit and percussion and best overall show.

P1090313“This is amazing” a young girl told us, while she was cheering for her team with old and new friends in the audience. Another group of youth were dancing, clapping and singing so loud that we almost thought the floor under us would collapse any minute.  We experienced a great, vibrant atmosphere, social networking and the joy and excitement amongst the youth when performing their shows and cheering for their fellow musicians.

It was great seeing the kids and youth in action at the event they all have been working so hard toward for months.

P1090008Almost all the bands had a one week camp last week, where they had rehearsals from morning to evening.
We went to Alexandra township to visit one of these camps and got to see a very well structured and excited band one of the last days before the big event. For this visit we were joined by the president of the Norwegian Band Federation, Rita Lystad, who was here to take part in the National Championships for the first time.

P1090140 During Saturday’s programme in the VIP room the PULSE team performed a short set, including some traditional Norwegian folk songs. In the VIP room we got to meet some of FBF’s important and dedicated sponsors and stakeholders. It was very nice to present our work and main goals to them.

P1090016It is easy to get motivated to continue our work to share the knowledge about how music is health promoting and socially inclusive when you see that youth get empowered, self- secure and happy, at such a great event as the FBF´s National Championships.

P1090251Congratulations to all the bands, and thank you for wonderful, fun and impressive performances!

Written by: Hanne Johansen and Siri Thorson

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2 Responses to Amazing atmosphere at the FBF`s National Championships!

  1. Moses says:

    Wish I was there feels like it was lot of fun

  2. Dear PULSE TEAM and Field band foundation!
    Thank you so much for the special moments you gave me during my stay. This project is important in so many ways.
    Since the organizations first met in 1999 we have exchanged 111 participants. In Norway we have an army of 59 foot soldiers that has been marked by their year and experiences with the FBF. They have returned with new energy, an updated tool box of teaching methods, inspiring music, some wilde movements and a much wider scope to the role of being a music teacher. This has been shared with our members throughout the years and we are now seeing the results nationwide.
    Your work is important for both nations heath and culture. I hope to see you again – and I wish you good luck with your further work in South -Africa!
    Rita Hirsum Lystad
    President of the Norwegian Band Foundation

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