The Challenge via e-learning

E-learning is one of the methods we in PULSE use to reach the tutor teams to conduct sessions. Due to the long distances between the bands, we can conduct more tutor sessions with the teams out in the regions when we don´t have the opportunity to physically be there.

By using this method we can for example conduct a session with a tutor team in the Western Cape in the morning, a session with a Northern Cape team before lunch and a session with a Gauteng team in the afternoon. Unfortunately, connectivity can sometime be an issue on both sides, but we are learning more about how to work around this every time we have an e-learning session.

We use different ways of communicating online with the teams, e.g. various video conference programs, sending out tasks via e-mail and communicating via other online communication platforms – depending on internet connectivity both in the regions and where PULSE is at the time.

So far our e-learning sessions have been mostly based on variations of an implementation programme we call “The Challenge”. With this programme we work together with the teams on different topics related to music and holistic health. Working with The Challenge via the e-learning method makes us able to work with different teams on the various topics in the morning, and then they can immediately implement the new knowledge gained in the rehearsals in the afternoon.

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