Korpsklubb in Bergen 

PULSE, team Bergen, has kick started its new year with a new exciting project called “Korpsklubb”. In 2016/17, the team has been working with Varden Skoles Musikkorps as our own project in Bergen. In this Korpsklubb, we will use the basic activities to try to introduce all members into banding activities. Basic activities consists of clapping rhythms, doing body percussion, singing and games with call and responses, which also helps in aural training.


We will now be working with the Korpsklubb project in Møhlenpris and at Seljedalen Skole for six weeks, with 20 children in each group, one hour per week. As most of the children are not part of a school band, we make sure that they all feel included musically by introducing them to playing Pbuzz, dancing, singing and playing simple rhythms on djembe. Each school will get an opportunity to showcase what they have been doing at the end of the six week period. In week 9, PULSE will also host a one week workshop in Møhlenpris Skole in Bergen which is called ‘’VinterPULSE’’. In the workshop, we invite and include all kids, not just the ones that are part of a school band.


We believe that these activities will help child grow, learn and have fun. Basic activities, as mentioned above, are one of the great aspects for developing strong and diverse youth. These musical activities will prepare children to know how it is like being in a school band, and will hopefully encourage them to join the band afterwards. Playing in a school band is one of the best activities to consider, if you want to help your child develop stronger social and intellectual skills.


Written by: Denis Mashabane and Masibulele Langa

Photos by:   Bergen PULSE team


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