Gone but not forgotten

It’s been 10 months since I last saw Viljoenskroon field band , when I was still their Band Coordinator before leaving for Norway. A lot has changed, new school, new members and 1 new staff member. It was an honour to attend one of their rehearsals as they are preparing for the regionals.sindi1

In the picture it’s the FBF staff playing at the beginning of the rehearsal and the members enjoying the music. It was fun to see how the members gathered around the Instruments and sang along as the teachers continue playing their play list.

I also noticed how they have managed to produce great leaders within a few months.

sindi 2

In the above picture it’s a member teaching peers and taking a leadership role at a very young age, while the teacher is paying attention to those that still need more attention.


This is a great method of insuring that all members are getting the best at rehearsals because those that have grasped can help others while they learn leadership and teaching skills.

Written by Sindisiwe Ngcobo

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