National PULSE workshop

thumb_P1210630_1024In what setting can you find more than 60 big smiles, laughter, games, discussions, music and movement from early morning to late night for a whole week?

At a Field Band Foundation tutor workshop!

From the 24th of June – 2nd July 2016 the first ever National PULSE workshop was held! The PULSE team is still excited after an amazing week.

thumb_P1220128_1024More than 60 Field Band tutors from all the different regions in South Africa attended. The workshop was planned and conducted in close correlation between the PULSE team and Field Band Education.
The days were filled with information sessions, group excersices, discussions, reflection, role-plays, presentations and music and dance.


The workshop participants got a lot of input and tools to bring back and implement in their bands. Among other things everyone was trained in how to facilitate Gira sessions with their members. All the participants also increased their knowledge around gender issues through a whole gender equality day. The tutors came up with several ideas on how to be change agents, and how to improve the gender situation in the bands.
PULSE also introduced the tutors to sound paiting – a way of musical improvisation through signs. Many of the tutors started using the signs during the workshop. We are excited to see if the signs also are being used out in the regions next time we will go for a band visit:)

thumb_P1220704_1024More than 60 Field Band tutors can not meet without playing and dancing together, so in addtion to the sound painting, the tutors had both sectionals, full band and choir rehearsal every day. In a week the tutors learned 3 new songs especially arranged for the workshop. On the last day at the workshop, the songs were preformed for an impressed audience in Tumahole. On the same day the national tutor band, together with the field band in Parys, also had a lively and great parade through the streets of Tumahole.

thumb_P1220761_1024“I wish the workshop could last for a month” , one of the tutors said at the end of the week. “There is so much to learn,” he continued. PULSE loves holding workshops and meeting engaged people, we wish we can reach out to more people in the months to come. We also hope that all the workshop participants are even more engaged in developing their band and their band members than before the workshop.

Written by: Siri Thorson

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