Positive effects of parents involvement in a child’s life

The PULSE team in Bergen continues to participate in seminars around Norway with skolekorps. It is said that it is not over until the final whistle, but with Varden skoles musikkorps, we had an early Christmas.


The team had two exciting consecutive seminars; one in Voss on 17 November  and another one in Varden skole on  25 November. At Voss, we rehearsed Christmas songs,  and in this seminar  the band also had time to be divided into sectionals which meant that also PULSE had to take charge in facilitating the different sections. The seminar in Voss included games, quiz, Christmas presents and a little small concert at the end of the day presented by small ensembles. On Saturday 25 November, band members and their parents met at Varden skole. It was very inspiring to see that also parents were taking part in both seminars. Parents were also part of the games played during the weekends, they really seemed to enjoy it and the members felt supportive supported. As the members felt supported.  The members also had a feeling of mastery because they worked so hard to show their parents what they are able to achieve in the school bands.

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When parents take part in after school activities like these skolekorps, they increase their interaction and discussions with their children and are more responsive and sensitive to their children’s social, emotional, and physical developmental needs. Consistent parent involvement leads to a huge impact in terms of communication and relations between parents, teachers and administrators . Bands that actively involve parents tend to establish better reputations in the local communities.


PULSE has witnessed a positive effect on children in bands where parents are actively involved, and that benefits everyone. Therefore, when teachers and parents continuously support and encourage children’s learning and development, korps become a home away from home. Children have better self- esteem, are more self- disciplined and show higher aspirations and motivation. Members whose parents remain involved usually make better transitions and are less likely to drop out of the band.

Written by: Masibulele Langa and Denis Mashabane

Photos by: Gøril Vikølen Nøkleby


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