Happy New Year & Holiday PULSE

Happy New Year!

PULSE is back and ready for new adventures here in South Africa! Everyone is settling back into the office after the holidays, starting new and exciting projects for the year.
PULSE had a wonderful end to the year 2018 with Holiday PULSE in Parys, Free State.
Holiday PULSE is a project adapted from the Norwegian Ferie PULSE, which takes place during the school holidays. It is an opportunity for members to come and play, socialize and work towards a closing performance.
The turnout was great, with about 85 participants in Parys and 125 in Vredefort on a daily basis. Together with PULSE, the field bands managed to recruit a lot of new members!
Blogg vredefort 2.jpg
Holiday PULSE is not just an opportunity to grow as a musician, but it is an opportunity to make new friends and try out different activities. In addition to rehearsals and sectionals each day, PULSE arranged activities such as arts&crafts, soccer tournaments, talent show, drum circles and body percussion. These activities, together with many energizers during the day, really brought all the members together- creating a great sense of community and togetherness. It was amazing to receive volunteer involvement from parents and community members and PULSE would like to thank all who helped making this such a great experience!!
vredefort blogg 1.jpg
The Tutor Team worked very hard leading the different sections, teaching the members new music and overall creating a safe and fun environment.
Written by: Madeleine
Photos by : Madeleine
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