LEV VEL and Møteplass Folkehelse

This conference was hosted in collaboration between Extrastiftelsen and Frivillighet Norge, and it was with great honor for the NMF and PULSE team to have attended this conference in Oslo on the 20th March. LEV VEL conference has been organized as a full-day conference over the past five years, and this year the conference was divided into smaller conferences in several places in the country, and in Oslo arranged together with a meeting place by Frivillighet Norge.blog t2.JPG

The two focal themes that were done on the day were “Health and Volunteering”, and it was indeed a great experience for PULSE to be part of the conference. It really shows that the impact the project is doing is really recognized, as PULSE is a Music and Health project that aims to extend and share the knowledge about how music can be as a tool for Health Promotion and social inclusion.blog r.jpg

The NMF had two representatives, Thulani and Ragnhild, who had a slot to share what NMF does for participation and recruitment. Thulani had time to engage with the audience to be practical with them, showing them how important it is to include everyone in the room from different places. The activity he did was from the Activity Library, where PULSE teams gathers and archives activities to help with inclusive teaching and giving kids the opportunity to make new friends.

The team had time to network with some other organizations during breaks. There are common things that PULSE had as compared to other organizations, like reaching out to the low-income areas and also creating a safe environment for the kids.

written by Tshepang Moyo

Photos by Chief Zwane

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